Good To Know About Online Safety

Good To Know screenshotA new resource that came out today is Good To Know by Google. It covers the basics of internet safety, web data, your data on Google, and how to manage your data. Google has also set up a Good To Know YouTube Channel with a couple of playlists on privacy on the Internet.

The section of Good To Know that caught my eye was “Stay Safe Online.” It’s written in plain English and includes a jargon section (bit like a glossary). While it is Google-centric the site contains quite a bit of information about basic issues related to online safety and how to counteract most of them.

I can’t quite determine if the sites listed on the Partners and Resources section have partnered with Google or are just listed as resources. Either way, Stop.Think.Act., NCSA, and StopBadware are listed as “organizations that provide help and advice online” and are a good starting point for online safety. You may also want to check out NetSmartz, BrainPop on Online Safety, PBS Webonauts Internet Academy, or at the Infinite Learning Lab for use in the classroom, though.

I am currently designing a course on Digital Citizenship and I think we have pulled a great set of resources together to support teacher understanding of this topic. I might be adding Good To Know as a resource too but more for teacher background knowledge than use in a K-8 classroom.


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