Quest Boise 2014: Bringing Choose Your Own Adventure into the Digital Age

These are my liveblogged notes from Bringing Choose Your Own Adventure into the Digital Age. All mistakes are my own. Quest Boise 2014 presentation Presenter: Sean J. O’Neill | @seanjay | Presentation Deck Why choose “choose your adventure” type books?

  • Choice – this is very important for owning your own learning; if you can craft experiences that allow for choice it gives us extra edge on engagement and remembering
  • Non-linear world – our world is non-linear; the web is also non-linear;
  • Engagement through choice and mystery – first Hangover movie was a great movie because it had a mystery behind it, you were hooked to find out what happened. In learning, we want to find out what happens next and we can use that to create engagement using non-linear content
  • Mapping – mapping out experiences is helpful, thinking before doing
  • Consequences – if you think about two actors working on scene together, they have the scene with them and know the consequences of the characters actions to get to the end of the scene; don’t do enough of this in real life; think about consequences of actions and applying them to real world situations

How? Mapping and Crafting Mapping

  • must be planned out before writing, particularly becomes important with interactive text and video
  • Tools
    • Popplet
    • Mindmeister
    • Google Drawing
    • Any drawing program
    • Paper
    • Whiteboard
  • Storyboard is linear, Mapping is more like a mind map

Crafting Create all the pieces first (example uses Hamlet)

  • Document – Took first moment in Hamlet and began to map it out. First thing that happens is the first paragraph.Asksaquestionas to what to do. Two options and their consequences.Followingtheactual path from the play is what will keep you on the right path. If not, you end up dying.
    • How do you make that interactive in a document? You use page breaks, which makes the document really long. So, insert page break after the information you want to give out including their options on the first page, then do the same for each results/consequences on two different pages. One page per event.
    • How to navigate to them? Now create bookmarks. Click at beginning of the first consequence, and another at the second. Highlight first choice, and create a link but link to the bookmark instead. Do the same for the other choice.
    • Might include visual elements to make it more interesting.
  • Website
  • presentation – Each slide is its own bookmark. Put info and choices on the first slide. Results on their own slides. Highlight and link text to move from one section to another. Put link back to the original slide if they followed the wrong path (ended up dead). Then on the correct answer slide, ask what do you do (or something similar) and then put more choices.
    • Can create it as a form using Google Forms.
  • Video – with video you are a little more antsy because you are clicking,it’s interactive. So you’ve recorded everything in your video path. Think in terms of a walking tour, like a tour of the library or any kind of directions around campus. Recorded 5 seconds of straight, left, right. Give the audience the choice of going left or right at some point.
    • Record first video, and then at the choice page(he included a picture made in Google Draw), in the youtube editor, you can insert an image and how long to make it last which is what he did to create this choice page.
    • Annotations are the key here. Looks like a callout in the buttons in editing mode.
    • Click on Annotate which loads an editor, specific to annotations. Jump to the first time that picture shows up. Click Add Annotation, like a spotlight (makes the annotation invisible so you can see the graphic). This shows up on the timeline. Label it, edit start and end times. Choose link, which will link to another video. It will reload the page and move to another YouTube video. Or you can jump around within a single video.
      • You can make interactive video tutorials.
    • Mobile App

Questions How many slides/learning points before it gets too complicated to remember the graph? That’s why I use Popplet. It’s how much can the students handle before they put their head down. Will the hotspots work in the YouTube for iPad? He’s unsure.  Can you do this with a YouTube you have chopped? If it’s stored on YouTube, then yes. Resources


2 thoughts on “Quest Boise 2014: Bringing Choose Your Own Adventure into the Digital Age

    • I enjoyed the presentation very much! I still have some of the “choose your own adventure” books from my childhood and my boys have read through them numerous times. I’ve even applied some of those concepts to their learning (we homeschool) and it works very well. Let me know what you think of Inklewriter!

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